Past Championship Winners

The following is a list of past winners of the RNZAF Golf Championship (overall champion). Enter into this years tournament to attempt to get your name on this elite list.

Year Winner Location
2019 Mr Peter Sharlott Auckland
2018 Mr Clay Bremer Rangitikei
2017 FLTLT James Moore Auckland
2016 CPL William Harold Rangitikei
2015 CPL William Harold Rangitikei
2014 AIRCDRE (RTD) G Howse Rangitikei
2013 CPL K James Rangitikei
2012 F/S G Lippitt Rangitikei
2011 F/S G Lippitt Rangitikei
2010 LAC K James Rangitikei
2009 LAC K James Rangitikei
2008 FLTLT (RTD) K W S Chuck Rangitikei
2007 FLTLT (RTD) K W S Chuck Rangitikei
2006 AC K James Rangitikei
2005 MR G Drummond Rangitikei
2004 SGT J.W. Goodman Rangitikei
2003 SGT S.C. Leech Rangitikei
2002 FLTLT J.L. Van Leeuwen Rangitikei
2001 FLTLT J.L. Van Leeuwen Rangitikei
2000 WGCDR M.G Roberts Rangitikei
1999 F/S N.A Thaler Rangitikei
1998 SGT S.C. Leech Rangitikei
1997 SGT J.L. Van Leeuwen Rangitikei
1996 FLTLT B.T. Houlihan Rangitikei
1995 CPL S.C. Leech Rangitikei
1994 CPL S.C. Leech Rangitikei
1993 CPL S.C. Leech Rangitikei
1992 SGT D.B. Stewart Rangitikei
1991 AC R.J. Donaldson Lochiel
1990 SGT P.J. Sharlott Lochiel
1989 SGT P. Millar Lochiel
1988 CPL P.J. Sharlott Lochiel
1987 SGT C.A. Gledhill Lochiel
1986 W/O R.J.P. Howe Lochiel
1985 CPL P. Hughes Lochiel
1984 F/S S. Parker Lochiel
1983 W/O J. Alexander Lochiel
1982 CPL P. Hughes Lochiel
1981 SGT S. Parker Lochiel
1980 F/S L.G. Read Lochiel
1979 SGT B.L. Coulter Lochiel
1978 F/S J.C. Baker Lochiel
1977 GPCAPT B.J. O’Connor Lochiel
1976 F/S G.A. Rust Lochiel
1975 SQNLDR J.R. Hudson Lochiel
1974 SGT C.W. Eaton Lochiel
1973 FLTLT J.R. Hudson Lochiel
1972 SGT J.A. Thompson Lochiel
1971 CPL C.W. Eaton Lochiel
1970 FLTLT I.O. Parkinson Lochiel
1969 FLTLT J.R. Hudson Rangitikei
1968 FLTLT J.R. Hudson Rangitikei
1967 FGOFF J.S. Barclay Burnham
1966 W/O W.L. Fox Manor Park
1965 F/S I.O Parkinson St Andrews
1964 SGT L.P. Boyd Feilding
1963 F/S I.O. Parkinson Lochiel
1962 F/S I.O. Parkinson Huapai
1961 SGT L.P. Boyd Templeton
1960 SGT L.P. Boyd Hokowhitu
1959 SGT I.O. Parkinson Fairhall
1958 SGT I.O. Parkinson Titirangi
1957 SGT L.P. Boyd Russley
1956 FGOFF B.N. Gault Hokowhitu
1955 WGCDR N.A. Vear Heretaunga
1954 F/S J.F.L. Hartley Fairhall
1953 WGCDR N.A. Vear Huapai
1952 CPL I.O. Parkinson Fairhall
1951 No meeting Shipping Strike
1950 FLTLT R.E. Weston Feilding