Membership of the Society shall consist of:

  1. full membership, and
  2. honorary membership.

Honorary membership shall be accorded to such persons as may be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Society. Honorary members do not have the right to vote at meetings of the Society nor may honorary members serve on the executive committee of the Society.

Full membership is available to the following:

  1. All serving and ex members of the Regular Air Force, Territorial Air Force and Commonwealth Air Forces,
  2. members of other Armed Forces seconded to the RNZAF or domiciled on RNZAF Bases,
  3. members of foreign armed forces serving with diplomatic staff accredited to New Zealand,
  4. current and ex civilian staff of the New Zealand Defence Force and Air Force Cadets Corps associated with the RNZAF.
  5. RNZAF/NZDF contracted civilian personnel permanently employed on RNZAF establishments during the term of the contract.
  6. the partner, and any children under 20 years of age, of any full member, and
  7. Civilians not otherwise eligible under sub‑paragraph 1 or 2 may be elected to full membership with the prior approval of the Society in the Annual General Meeting.


Becoming a member of the RNZAF Golf Society not only allows members to play in the annual tournament, but throughout the year it provides funds to support the development of golf at Base level. Green fee and travel subsidies for the numerous competitions at Base, RNZAF and NZDF level, as well as contributions towards coaching fees can be made for those players who want to improve their skills around a course.


Annual membership is currently only $20 so there is plenty to be gained from such a small contribution.

How to become a Member

Base Clubs – Society membership is managed through Base clubs for those who are members of RNZAF Base Whenuapai, Base Ohakea, Base Woodbourne or Wellington Region Golf Clubs.  Speak to any the Base club committee members for details on how to join.

Remote Membership – membership can be managed remotely for those who do not have access to Base clubs and are already members of a civilian golf club. The Society does not offer a handicapping service so Remote members must be NZGA members through their own club. Official handicaps are necessary to be able to play in the annual tournament.

Membership Application RNZAF Golfing Society