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      Hi all,

      With Merv departing the Air Force to work for the CAA, I was voted in at the last RNZAF Golfing Society AGM as your Wellington Area Captain.

      For those that don’t know me, I work in Recruiting on Thorndon Quay and love playing golf, even if I’m not as good as I want to be (is anyone?). I thought I was posted to a lay back job where I could get out every fortnight, but I was wrong. I do plan on getting out more often next year and hopefully seeing you all on the course.

      With only 6 Wellington Representatives at Society this year (made it easy to select the Wellington team), my main goal for next year is doubling the Wellington participants for next years tournament. I will try to do this through communication and encouragement. I am open to ideas and urge you all to encourage each other.

      Here’s some news from the previous AGM:
      · Snoz Healey was awarded an honorary membership for being a member of Society for 50 years. Congrats Snoz!

      · Due to lack of sponsorship in recent years, RNZAF Golfing Society has been making a loss of about $4000 a year. Therefore a lot of changes were made to the budget to reduce this deficit and make us more sustainable into the future. It’s all about making sure we can survive beyond the 100th anniversary. These changes will be available in the minutes when they are released (I’ll forward the email if Sean hasn’t sent it to you) but here are a couple that might affect you:

      o Yearly subscriptions are going up from $10 to $20. This was voted on and passed at the AGM with lots of discussion.

      o Tournament entry fee will increase to $110. This is still great value for at least 7 rounds of golf, dinner and a chance to win one of the 60 or so prizes.

      · Base Auckland are looking into the possibility of hosting the tournament in 2017 with a possibility of doing alternate years with Rangitikei. This will hopefully tap into the 99 Auckland members and allow the 25th year at Rangitikei to happen next year.

      Some results from society:
      RNZAF Championship Winner Senior Cup Willie Harold
      RNZAF Championship Runner Up Hopkinson Trophy Kyle James
      Society Championship Winner Woodbourne Trophy Craig Revell
      Tyro Handicap Winner Tyro Cup Min McCann
      18 Hole Matchplay Winner Litton Trophy Trev Healey

      This years tournament was one of the best I have been to. The comradery between everyone made it an awesome time and everyone seemed to leave on high spirits. Let’s all get to Rangitikei next year in case it’s the last time it is held there.

      If you have any questions or ideas on how we can make this year better, send me an email or start a forum on our website. I will post regularly on this site and intend emailing you all as news comes out.

      Happy golfing!!!



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