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      Hi all,

      Isaac here. Welcome to the RNZAF society golf community forum. Introduce youself then get posting. Look for others you know too.

      Just use the reply box below or create a new topic in the previous screen. If you have any problems send me an email from the contact page.

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      Sean Willis

      Hi Everyone,

      Your friendly Society Secretary/Treasurer here. Thanks to Isaac for getting this all up and running, now we just need to learn how to use it (a challenge for Snoz, but i’m sure he will get there!).

      Have a Great Christmas and look forward to catching up with everyone in 2015!

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      Bruce Creedy

      Great to see the website up and running guys.

      Relatively recent participant in RNZAF Society tournaments, and find them challenging, enjoyable and fun. Format of play levels the play for all competitors, whether beginner or ‘pro’. I would encourage all others out there on the bases who might not have participated before, to come out and give it a go. Can’t guarantee you’ll play well, but at least you’ll have a good time trying!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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